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Some quick example text to build on the card title and make up the bulk of the card's content.He is the woner of the website

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Dipankar is the senior web developer  ,  currently taking care of development and maintence of the website.

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Gurupoda Bera , is the senior web designer , currently he is handling the UI and Design sections of the website. 

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Daben Murmu

Daben Murmu is the tester , he is responsibble for finding bugs and reporting to web development team.

About Points

This is the most popular matrimonial site for the santal society and santal community. Gradually santal community is developing. Now they are also working in every sector like other communites.  Now, they are also working in every sector like others communities. They are competing with other communities and going forward towards devlopment.

Now a days we are to busy in our work, we could not manage time for our personal life. We tried hard for those santal brothers and sisters who want to have their own family. We have tried to help them in searching their soul mates. We offer over a variety of search options to suit your very need. The searchs are based on religion, mother, community etc. We offer a one step platfrom for on line match making thats allow prospective santal bride & groom to meet and communicate regarding matrimony. 

"Matches are made in heaven. We unit them on earth" . Please support our effort and spread about us amoung your friends and family.



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