User's Guide
Step 01 : Go to  thhe register button and click on it.
Step 02 : Enter your valid email id into input box and click next.
Step 03 : Enter OTP which is sent to your mail id. (Please wait about to 1 min if OTP is not reach to your mail id).
Step 04 : Please enter your valid mobile number and click on submit.
Step 05 : Please enter OTP which has been sent to your mobile number.  
Step 06 : Set the password. Input the password which you want to use as a password at the time of login & confirmed the password.
Step 07 : Fill up the personal details form.
Step 08 : Enter the first name and last name.
Step 09 : Enter the father name & mother name. (Use "Late" as prefix if father or mother are not alive).
Step 10 : Select the date of birth from the calendar. 
Step 11 : Select the gender from check radio buttons.
Step 12 : Use address line 1 & 2 for village/coloney/querter name.
Step 13 : Input your Police station & Post office 
Step 14 : Select State from check list which state you live in.
Step 15 : Type your district in which district you live in. 
Step 16 : Enter your pin code in your locality and submit the form.
Step 17 : After that you should fill up the next form which is Education details & Job details.
Step 18 : Enter your Highest education.
Step 19 : Enter the job details where you are engaged for living. 
Step 20 : Enter the name of organization in which department from you belong.
Step 22 : Enter your degignation in your organization
Step 23 : Enter your anual income from your organization. Dont leave it blank. If you dont want to show then type any digit between 0 to 9. 
Step 24 : Now submit the form. You will get a successful mail & messages.  
Step 25 : After that Log In fill up all the other personal details like self details & others information.
Step 26 : Next upload your profile picture & photo identity. With out Profile photo & Photo Identity profile is uncomplete. (We use your Photo Identity only for Identify Yourself & not any other purpose. Team TOLGIRA will take action as per IPC : 403 for FAKE Identity.)
Step 27 : Register Process is complete. Any complicancy you can contact Team TOLGIRA through "Contacts button".
Step 28 : Now the Payment Section. A payment button will show beside the Personal Information. Click on there & Choose the plans which one you want. 
Step 29 : Then click on Pay Now and proceed. (Decide before proceed the payment because Amount is not refundable.)
Step 30 : After Payment you are allow to search bride or groom. Select what you are looking for and set the age from and to. then select the religion and state you prefered. 
Step 31 : If you arise any complicancy to fill-up the form then you may contact to us throug contacts button.

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